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Streptomyces corynorhini sp. nov., isolated from Townsend’s big-eared bats (Corynorhinus townsendii)

April 16, 2019

Four bacterial strains, with the capability of inhibiting Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the causative agent of white-nose syndrome, were isolated from male Townsend’s big-eared bats (Corynorhinus townsendii, Family: Vespertilionidae) in New Mexico. Isolates AC161, AC162, AC208, and AC230T were characterised as a novel clade using morphological, phenotypic and phylogenetic analysis. A draft genome of the type strain was completed to determine its taxonomy and secondary metabolite biosynthetic potential. Multi-locus sequence analysis nests AC230T with neighbours Streptomyces scopuliridis (NRRL B-24574T), Streptomyces lushanensis (NRRL B-24994T), Streptomyces odonnellii (NRRL B-24891T) and Streptomyces niveus (NRRL 2466T). Further phylogenetic analysis showed the MLSA distances between AC230T and its near neighbours are much greater than the generally accepted threshold (> 0.007) for bacterial species delineation. DNA–DNA relatedness between AC230T and its near neighbours ranged between 25.7 ± 2.1 and 29.9 ± 2.4%. The DNA G+C content of the genomic DNA of the type strain is 71.7 mol%. Isolate AC230T presents a white to ivory hue on most ISP media and its micromorphology exhibits ovoid spores with smooth surfaces in flexuous chains. Based on our study of AC230T, the strain warrants the assignment to a novel species, for which the name Streptomyces corynorhini sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is AC230T (= JCM 33171T, = ATCC TSD155T).

Publication Year 2019
Title Streptomyces corynorhini sp. nov., isolated from Townsend’s big-eared bats (Corynorhinus townsendii)
DOI 10.1007/s10482-019-01261-z
Authors Paris S. Hamm, Nicole A. Caimi, Diana E. Northup, Ernest W. Valdez, Debbie C. Buecher, Christopher A. Dunlap, David P. Labeda, Andrea Porras-Alfaro
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
Index ID 70215338
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse
USGS Organization Fort Collins Science Center