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The U. S. Geological Survey, Digital Spectral Library: Version 1 (0.2 to 3.0um)

January 1, 1994

We have developed a digital reflectance spectral library, with management and spectral analysis software. The library includes 498 spectra of 444 samples (some samples include a series of grain sizes) measured from approximately 0.2 to 3.0 um . The spectral resolution (Full Width Half Maximum) of the reflectance data is <= 4 nm in the visible (0.2-0.8 um) and <= 10 nm in the NIR (0.8-2.35 um). All spectra were corrected to absolute reflectance using an NIST Halon standard. Library management software lets users search on parameters (e.g. chemical formulae, chemical analyses, purity of samples, mineral groups, etc.) as well as spectral features.

Minerals from borate, carbonate, chloride, element, halide, hydroxide, nitrate, oxide, phosphate, sulfate, sulfide, sulfosalt, and the silicate (cyclosilicate, inosilicate, nesosilicate, phyllosilicate, sorosilicate, and tectosilicate) classes are represented. X-Ray and chemical analyses are tabulated for many of the entries, and all samples have been evaluated for spectral purity. The library also contains end and intermediate members for the olivine, garnet, scapolite, montmorillonite, muscovite, jarosite, and alunite solid-solution series. We have included representative spectra of H2O ice, kerogen, ammonium-bearing minerals, rare-earth oxides, desert varnish coatings, kaolinite crystallinity series, kaolinite-smectite series, zeolite series, and an extensive evaporite series. Because of the importance of vegetation to climate-change studies we have include 17 spectra of tree leaves, bushes, and grasses.

The library and software are available as a series of U.S.G.S. Open File reports. PC user software is available to convert the binary data to ascii files (a separate U.S.G.S. open file report). Additionally, a binary data files are on line at the U.S.G.S. in Denver for anonymous ftp to users on the Internet. The library search software enables a user to search on documentation parameters as well as spectral features. The analysis system includes general spectral analysis routines, plotting packages, radiative transfer software for computing intimate mixtures, routines to derive optical constants from reflectance spectra, tools to analyze spectral features, and the capability to access imaging spectrometer data cubes for spectral analysis. Users may build customized libraries (at specific wavelengths and spectral resolution) for their own instruments using the library software.

We are currently extending spectral coverage to 150 um. The libraries (original and convolved) will be made available in the future on a CD-ROM.

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Publication Year 1993
Title The U. S. Geological Survey, Digital Spectral Library: Version 1 (0.2 to 3.0um)
DOI 10.3133/ofr93592
Authors Roger N. Clark, Gregg A. Swayze, Andrea J. Gallagher, Trude V.V. King, Wendy M. Calvin
Publication Type Report
Publication Subtype USGS Numbered Series
Series Title Open-File Report
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USGS Organization U.S. Geological Survey