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USGS Wildland Fire Workshop, EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD, July 9-10, 1997

July 6, 1997

Report on the first workshop on USGS wildland fire expertise and capabilities. The workshop brought together operational
and research representatives ofthe Federal fire management agencies to initiate a more comprehensive assessment
ofthe USGS's capabilities and the appropriate role(s) for USGS interaction and involvement with the fire community. The
report discusses how the USGS can play a significant role in wildland fire research and offer the fire community several
unique capabilities. Foremost capability is the role as data producer; fire detection, assessment, ecological modeling, and
rehabilitation and restoration relying on digital elevation models, digital line-graphs, national technical means, and image
data are also discussed. The bureau offers technical expertise using geographic information systems (GIS), image processing
and analysis, data base management and clearinghouse experience, and access to national technical means data. The
bureau must exploit the USGS's expertise and prominence in wildland fire research. The USGS is an experienced player
in fire ecology, fire assessment, and fuels loading research. Finally, the USGS also offers strong interdisciplinary experience
in watershed and geologic landslide modeling, which is key for assessing postfire effects.