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Contaminant Exposure and Effects-Terrestrial Vertebrates database (CEE-TV)

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Contaminant Exposure and Effects-Terrestrial Vertebrates Database  Distribution of data (Public domain.)

The Contaminant Exposure and Effects-Terrestrial Vertebrates database (CEE-TV) contains contaminant exposure and effects information for terrestrial vertebrates (birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles) that reside in estuarine and coastal habitats along the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Coasts including Alaska and Hawaii and in the Great Lakes Region.

Data is compiled through computerized searches of published literature, reviews of existing databases, and solicitation of unpublished reports from conservation agencies, private groups and universities. Currently, the CEE-TV database contains over 20,600 records containing ecotoxicological exposure and effects information on approximately 275,000 individuals representing over 500 species.

The database can be easily queried using taxonomic, chronologic, geographic, and contaminant search categories. For a detailed list of contaminants and fields in the CEE-TV database see Documentation & FAQs.