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In fall 2022, the Saline Lake Ecosystems IWAA Team held three two-day virtual workshops to identify stakeholder science priorities for the Great Basin terminal lakes and their watersheds.

The objectives of the meetings were to identify and document the data collection activities and science assessments already underway at the state and local scale and to identify knowledge gaps to improve understanding of both the hydrologic and ecologic systems. These workshops brought together diverse stakeholders to discuss shared needs and concerns, including participants identifying key mechanisms that interconnect the Great Basin landscape.

Meeting summaries are available for download from the links listed below.

Words of different text sizes and colors arranged into a cloud-like shape
This word cloud displays answers to the question: what are the key mechanisms that interconnect the Great Basin landscape? The exercise was conducted at a stakeholder workshop in 2022. Answers that were selected by many participants have the largest text size and are more central in the cloud. The most popular answers were: climate, water, birds, fire and drought. Hydrology, snow, migratory, water use, and air are in slightly smaller text, indicating that they were selected by a smaller number of participants. The rest of the words are even smaller and towards the edge of the cloud, indicating they were less frequently selected. These words include, for example: humans, habitat, wetlands, and food webs. 

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