A.J. Greise



B.S. Environmental Analysis and Planning, Frostburg State University.


Professional Experience

I have worked with the USGS since 2009 when I was hired as a student intern. Since 2009 I have worked on many different projects, but have concentrated my efforts on surface water work, particulalry stream gaging.


Research / Professional Focus / Current Projects

Surface Water: stream gage installation, operation, and maintenance, discharge measurements (both direct and indirect), analyze stage-dsicharge records, approve stage-discharge records, Casselman Low flow Study, MOCC trained.

Water Quality: NAWQA sampling (both SW and GW), continuous water quality monitor installation, operation, and maintenace for basic parameters (WT, SC, pH), discrete sampling for Casselamn Low Flow Study and Fort Detrick Project.

Groundwater: groundwater levels, operation and maintenance of continoius GW wells, analyze GW data