Alicia J Hotovec-Ellis

I am a volcano seismologist interested in the detection and characterization of volcanic phenomena with a variety of seismic and related geophysical techniques.


I am currently a Research Geophysicist with the California Volcano Observatory (CalVO) in Moffett Field, CA, and a former Mendenhall Fellow. My research focuses on the use of seismic waveforms to study, monitor, and anticipate volcanic eruptions. I am especially interested in repeating earthquakes and volcanic tremor, how their character changes with time, and what processes (volcanic or otherwise) give rise to those changes. Ultimately, my goal is to develop realtime (or near-realtime) tools to improve volcano monitoring with new techniques and capabilities based on emerging fundamental research.


Ph.D. - 2014, University of Washington, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Seattle, WA
M.S. - 2009, Colorado School of Mines, Department of Geophysics, Golden, CO
B.S. - 2007, Colorado School of Mines, Department of Geophysics, Golden, CO