Andrew Waite


Andrew Waite is a Supervisory Hydrologist at the USGS New York Water Science Center (NYWSC) in Troy, NY. Andrew has worked with the NYWSC since 2016, and initially oversaw the field data collection operations for the Ithaca office. More recently, Andrew has assumed oversight responsibility for most of the New York data collection operations statewide. Currently as a Supervisory Hydrologist, Andrew oversees a group of highly-motivated hydrologists and hydrographers located in 5 different offices who manage the operations of the NYWSC data program.


Andrew started his USGS career in 1996 as a summer intern while finishing his Civil Engineering education at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and prior to working in the NYWSC, Andrew worked as a hydrologist with the USGS in Illinois (currently the Central Midwest Water Science Center) as well as several offices in the New England Water Science Center, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and finally as Data Chief in Connecticut.