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Andrew Waite


Andrew is the Deputy Associate Director for Data at the USGS New York Water Science Center (NYWSC) in Troy, NY. Andrew joined the NYWSC team in 2016, and initially oversaw the field data collection operations for the Ithaca office. Currently as the Deputy Associate Director for Data, Andrew has responsibility for the New York data collection operations statewide and oversees a group of highly-motivated hydrologists and hydrographers located in 6 different offices who manage the local operations of the NYWSC data program.


Andrew started his USGS career in 1996 as a summer intern while finishing his Civil Engineering degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. Prior to working in the NYWSC, Andrew worked as a hydrologist with the USGS in Illinois (currently part of the Central Midwest Water Science Center) as well as several offices in the New England Water Science Center, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and most recently as the Data Chief in Connecticut.


While working in the Illinois office of the Central Midwest Water Science Center, Andrew performed various surface-water related field data collection activities as well as managed projects that monitored flows in storm sewers and combined storm/sanitary sewers in order to document the magnitude of combined sewer overflows to suburban Chicago waterways. After moving to New England, and while working in the Massachusetts office of the New England Water Science Center, Andrew continued to perform various surface-water related field data collection activities, including the operation Index-Velocity gages. Andrew served as the Massachusetts Hydroacoustics Specialist, and trained new staff on all aspects of surface-water data collection. In 2014, after moving to the Connecticut office, Andrew served as the Data Chief and managed a $1.2m data program that supported a staff of 7 dedicated hydrologists and hydrographers.


Andrew has had the opportunity to teach USGS classes including:

  • Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs
  • Introduction to Streamgaging


In addition, Andrew has had the opportunity to perform data reviews in several locations including:

  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • South Carolina
  • Puerto Rico
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon