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Anthony Underwood

Anthony Underwood is a Hydrologic Technician in the New England Water Science Center.

After a decade of working in bench-level chemistry for commercial testing and research laboratories, Anthony changed career paths and joined the USGS in 2008. As a Hydrologic Technician for the Maine Hydrologic Monitoring Branch, he operated continuous monitoring stations collecting surface-water, groundwater, and water-quality data throughout the State as well as in parts of Northeastern New Hampshire and Canada. 

Since 2020, Anthony has been working for the Water-Quality Networks Section in the Applied Hydrology Branch. He's been able to apply his experience with continuous monitoring and discrete data collection to assist in the operation of various projects, ensuring that monitors and operators continue to provide data to the public. Anthony provides guidance to technicians on data management, quality control, and field activities. He ensures quality information is available, so project managers and cooperators can make informed decisions. 

Anthony performs routine field activities in the collection and processing of discrete and continuous water-quality data throughout New England.

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