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Brandon Lars Graham, Ph.D.

I am a geologist conducting surficial geologic mapping and research of the Northeast. At present, this work is focused on the deglacial history of the Laurentide ice sheet based on stratigraphy, geomorphology, chronology, and geophysics such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and seismic resonance. I am working to expand cosmogenic nuclide exposure for dating and complex exposure modeling.

Brandon recently finished up his PhD at the University at Buffalo in Glacial Geology with a focus on the deglacial history of the western section of the Greenland Ice Sheet and quantifying its erosion rate.  This research uses sub-bottom profiling seismic reflection to quantify sediment thickness isopach maps in lakes, as well as complex cosmogenic radionuclide exposure modeling for Beryllium-10 and in situ Carbon-14 in bedrock and boulders. His work with the USGS focuses on the Quaternary surficial mapping of the glaciated regions in the Northeast United States and applying near surface geophysical techniques to improving the 3D framework.

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