Brian B Hatfield



Brian Hatfield has been involved with sea otter research since the late 1970s and has been employed with USGS (migrating from USFWS and NBS) since the mid-1980s.  Currently, he coordinates the range-wide sea otter surveys in California, including those at San Nicolas Island, and co-coordinates the sea otter stranding network.  Brian maintains rebreather diving certification in order to capture sea otters for tagging and sample collection.  He has participated in sea otter research in the Commander and Aleutian Islands, Prince William Sound, SE Alaska, Vancouver Island, Washington, as well as California.  His current interests include the increasing shark bite-caused sea otter mortality,  sea otter-fisheries interactions, recolonization of the California Islands by sea otters and the colonization of the Point Piedras Blancas, California, area by northern elephant seals. 



MSc, Biology, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, 1979

BA, Biology (with honors), University of California Santa Cruz, 1975