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Briar H Goldwyn, Ph.D.

Briar Goldwyn is a research social scientist (post-doctoral fellow) in the Social and Economic Analysis Branch at the Fort Collins Science Center. Her primary research focuses on convening stakeholders and scientists in multi-disciplinary workshops to discuss post-fire hazard consequences and interventions.

Briar works at the interface of science and human dimensions research, particularly focused on natural hazards. Currently, her research applies the Chains of Consequences method to convene stakeholders and scientists and discuss the cascading consequences of post-fire hazards and interventions to reduce their likelihood or severity. Briar's doctoral research in civil engineering employed social science methods to focus on understanding the housing safety perceptions of those involved with Puerto Rico's informal construction sector and how these housing safety perceptions do and do not align with structural performance assessments of informally constructed housing in hurricanes and earthquakes in Puerto Rico. This project aimed to determine local preference and understanding of building components that are safe; assess the structural performance of shelters in multi-hazard environments; and create a communication design to assist communities and organizations in enhancing their resiliency to natural hazards.