Brooke B Osborne, Ph.D.

Dr. Brooke Osborne is an ecologist who combines terrestrial ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and microbial ecology to better understand how carbon and nutrient cycling influence key ecosystem processes and how global change may impact ecosystem function. 


Brooke seeks to better understand 1) what drives carbon and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, 2) how the availability of carbon and nutrients influence key ecosystem processes and functions, 3) how ecosystem dynamics may shift as a consequence of global change, and 4) how we can improve our management practices to mitigate those consequences. Brooke is currently studying the vulnerability of dryland ecosystems in the western U.S. to pressure from increasing drought severity and land use practices. 



Ph.D. in Ecology, Brown University (August 2013-May 2019)

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Providence, RI

Advised by Stephen Porder

M.S. in Ecology, Colorado State University (August 2009-December 2011)

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO

Advised by Jill S. Baron


Honors and Fellowships

Brown University/Wheaton College Faculty Fellow, Fall 2018

Brown University EEB Department Dissertation Improvement Grant, Fall 2018

New Phytologist Best Student Presentation Award, ESA Annual Meeting 2017