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Chelsea Steinbrecher-Hoffmann

Chelsea Steinbrecher-Hoffmann is a biologist with Eastern Ecological Science Center's new Partner and Employee Engagement Team.

Chelsea spent her formative years in states west of the Mississippi River, mainly in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest. She had an intense interest in all things wildlife from a young age devouring any and all documentaries about the topic. However, she didn't discover her love of birding until undergrad, while taking Ornithology at Framingham State University. Chelsea has a passion for wildife and field work, but also for husbandry and has a small menagerie of pets including budgerigars, lovebirds, leopard and fat-tailed geckos, fishes, and a tarantula. She loves travel, stand-up paddleboarding, comic books, tabletop games, arts & crafts, going to museums, and attending conventions.

Professional Experience:

Chelsea was contracted with the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center’s Bird Banding Laboratory from August of 2018 to August 2021. While there, she brought communication and outreach experience to the Bird Banding Laboratory, in addition to completing data management for the encounters team, assisting with banding operations, and coordinating with the Secondary Transition to Employment Program-USGS Partnership and training new participants.

Prior to her undergraduate degree, Chelsea was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps from 2008 to 2012 where she was a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist at the American Forces Network in Okinawa, Japan.  


Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Communications from Framingham State University in Massachusetts, 2018.
Associate of Science from Front Range Community College in Colorado, 2008. 

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