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Chris J Rusanowski

Chris is a computer scientist with a background in web application development, GIS, website security, and application architecture.

Chris Rusanowski has developed applications for computers since 1989 and built Internet applications, going as far back as draft HTML+ in 1993.  After college, Rusanowski designed algorithms for materials requirements planning for manufacturing software that eventually became part of Microsoft Dynamics, followed by Lotus Notes administration and development for Western Digital.  He began his career at EROS in 1998 as a contractor developing geographic information systems (GIS) web mapping applications for the Famine Early Warning System Flooding program, web services, and GIS applications for the Seamless Data Distribution System.  Responsibilities included web application security ranging from penetration testing, to incident response, to code reviews.  In 2011, Chris accepted a USGS computer scientist position focused on cloud computing, web security, and online GIS research.  In 2014, Chris was on a detail to the Department of the Interior as an operations architect for the Federated Cloud Hosting Services Contract.  In 2015, Chris was part of the EROS Architecture Study Team and became the acting project manager for the Spatial Data Warehouse.  In 2022, Chris was part of the Advanced Computing Roadmap team.