Christopher J Johnson


EDUCATION: B.S. (1999) University of Wisconsin - Madison (Molecular Biology) Ph.D. (2007) University of Wisconsin - Madison (Cellular & Molecular Biology)   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1999-2001 : Research Specialist, Univerisity of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine 2001-2007 : Graduate Research Assistant, Program in Cellular & Molecular Biology, UW-Madison 2007-2009 : Post-doctoral Researcher, Montana State University & USGS National Wildlife Health Center 2009-Present : Research Biologist, USGS National Wildlife Health Center  

RESEARCH INTEREST: My research and professional interests relate to the transmission and pathogenicity of prions, the etiological agents of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies such as chronic wasting disease. Prions are remarkably stable and my research is concerned with the persistence and transmission characteristics of prions shed or deposited in the environment or harbored on fomite surfaces. Elucidation of environmental, biochemical and host defense mechanisms capable of degrading, inactivating or sequestering prions are also major research topics.