Clint Boal, Ph.D.

Clint received his PhD from the University of Arizona, was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota, and has been with the Texas Unit since 2000.


Only Clint's five most recent publications are shown here. For more information about Clint, including a full publications list, visit his profile page on the Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit web site.
Clint also can be reached at his Texas Tech University email address:


  • Ph D University of Arizona 1997
  • MS University of Arizona 1993
  • BS University of Arizona 1991

Research Interests

Clint directs research targeted at building upon our basic understanding of species and systems while meeting the more applied management information needs of natural resource managers. His primary research interest is the ecology and conservation of birds of prey, especially as high trophic level members of biotic communities. Second is a focus on ecology and conservation of wildlife in arid environments; this has become especially relevant in context of climate change. Third is the ecology of avian species in the tropics, including how both resident and migrant species cope with severe weather events, anthropogenic driven landscape changes, and climate changes.

Teaching Interests

Clint teaches courses in Raptor Ecology, Structured Decision Making in Natural Resources Management, and Advanced Nongame Ecology; he also co-teaches a course in Tropical Ecology and an undergraduate field course in Tropical Avian Ecology.