Daniel L Calhoun


Dan’s unofficial career with the USGS began in 1995 when he was “volunteered” to help USGS Hydrologic Technicians dig orifice lines and haul materials for new gage installations along Ichawaynochaway Creek in Southwest Georgia. He was working as a Hydrologic Technician for the Jones Ecological Research Center and had no idea what a couple days of Coastal Plain Georgia sweat would later bring. It was through this encounter that he was given an invitation to apply for an open student position (STEP in those days) with the USGS after he had started graduate studies in Water Resources at the University of Georgia in 1998.  Upon completion of his degree, Dan converted to a Hydrologist position working with the Appalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Study Unit (ACFB) of the National Water Quality Assessment Program. Twenty plus years of employment have involved participation in and direction of multiple national and regional watershed and groundwater projects, amphibian research in the Southeast, liaison duties with the NPS during the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, many Regional Stream Quality Assessment tours of duty across the country, a wide assortment of scientific publications, and many other varied wonderful ways to make a living working for the USGS and DOI. He now is the Acting Assistant Director for Investigations in Georgia for the South Atlantic Water Science Center and wouldn’t trade a minute of the time spent with the people with whom he has the privilege of working.

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