Daniel Skulski

Daniel Skulski, Hydrologic Technician and Father


Dan graduated with a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from Rutgers University, Cook College in 2002. After five years in the environmental consulting industry, Dan joined the survey in 2006 and has primarily worked within the Hydrologic Data Assessment Program (HDAP) Water Quality Section (QW). Dan currently manages the QA/QC of the discrete water quality network. Among his responsibilites are to oversee the review of laboratory data, develop efficient yet thorough strategies for timely release of approved data, and communicate with State and Federal laboratories.   Dan also manages real time continuous-record water quality monitoring installations, manages the deep well pumping and sampling of the Ground Water Quality network, and assists in the ULCT Microplastics Synoptic. During his time as an environmental consultant, Dan was involved in site remediation activities including the operation and management of groundwater/soil treatment systems, well installation, borehole logging, Phase I investigations, and groundwater sampling. Since starting with the USGS, Dan has had experience working with NAWQA, TMDL, NAWC, SOD monitoring, suspended sediment collection, electrofishing and other ecology programs, educational outreach, Hurricane related reconnaisance and sampling, groundwater sampling, and continuous monitor design and installation. When home, Dan enjoys the company of his kids, landscaping, fishing, and NY Giants games. Attached is a powerpoint which was part of my Water Quality Monitoring Counsel presentation.  http://www.state.nj.us/dep/wms/Skulski%20Multi-Parameter%20Instruments.pdf