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Deborah Buhl

Deb Buhl is a Statistician at the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in Jamestown, North Dakota.

As a statistician, I have analyzed data for numerous ecological projects, including assessing effects of wind turbines on grassland birds, density estimates of Siberian Cranes, nest success of American coots, and food habits of striped skunks.  I have analyzed data from a variety of animal species, including grassland birds, shorebirds, waterfowl, cranes, deer, badgers, skunks, and invertebrates, and from a variety of habitats including grasslands, forests, rivers, and wetlands.  I have applied numerous statistical techniques to ecological data including generalized linear mixed models, ordination, occupancy modeling, resource selection, distance sampling, repeated measures models, nest survival models, and power analyses.  Prior to being a statistician, I worked as a biological technician conducting research on waterfowl behavior, movement, and survival.