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Eveline (Evi) Emmenegger

Evi was born and raised in Alaska and spent her summers commercial fishing and working in canneries.  Her continued affinities for fish and fascination with the mysteries of microbial pathogens lead to a double major in fisheries and microbiology at college, a graduate degree in fisheries, and ultimately a desire to work in the field of fish pathology.

Research Interests:

Currently Evi is the principal investigator that manages the aquatic biosafety level three (BSL-3) laboratory, one of the few facilities in the U.S. built for the testing aquatic pathogens that pose a high risk to the environment.  Newly introduced aquatic pathogens can be safely study in this secure BSL-3 containment laboratory to determine if these novel pathogens are potential threats to native fish stocks. Her research focuses on studying exotic and invasive fish viruses and the various stress factors that lead to disease outbreaks in fish populations. Her other work includes development of a template database for aquatic pathogens, in-house and web-based databases cataloging and characterizing fish viruses, assessing the genetic variability of fish virus strains, and therapeutic means of combating fish diseases.