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Ian Jezorek


I am a Fisheries Biologist working extensively with small stream and river environments with an emphasis on salmonids, both resident and anadromous. Research includes population, behavior and responses to restoration actions including dam removals. Research tools include snorkeling, electrofishing, and trapping to count and capture fish.

I have focused much on PIT tagging and radio tagging of juvenile and adult salmonids.  I have been involved in design, construction, deployment, and operation of many instream PIT-tag interrogation systems.

I am currently involved with studies focusing on steelhead populations, life histories, habitat, and limiting factors in the Wind River, WA as part of a multi-agency effort to restore steelhead populations in the Wind River.  A portion of the Wind River work has focused on interaction between juvenile steelhead an introduced run of hatchery spring Chinook salmon. A current focus of work in the Wind River and the White Salmon River, WA is on assessing salmonid population response to dam removal, which has occurred in both watersheds. Much data on salmonid ecology and life-histories is gathered through tagging fish with Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags. Instream PIT tag detection systems are a tool we have employed in many watersheds and continue to do so in several local watersheds.