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Jennifer Given Savoie

Jennifer Given Savoie is a Hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center.

Jennifer Given Savoie has participated in a wide variety of ground and surface-water quality studies throughout the course of her career. Much of her early career was spent working with the USGS Toxics Substances Hydrology Program on Cape Cod looking at water quality near a sewage-contaminated groundwater plume. More recent studies include changes in phosphorus in the Assabet River following the upgrade of several wastewater treatment plants and analysis of trends in surface water quality in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She is currently working on a project looking at aluminum and organic carbon in surface-water bodies near drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in Massachusetts.

Jennifer has also participated in groundwater flow modeling projects and the use of alternative techniques to detect organic compounds in the environment and determine source of contaminants, the use of varying methods to determine age dates of ground water, and geophysical methods such as conductance and gamma logging to determine lithology and saltwater/freshwater interface and cross-hole radar scanning for detection of permeable reactive barriers.