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Jenny L Hanson

I am a Biologist at UMESC involved with projects that require inland hydrographic and topographic surveys for applications such as mapping water depth (bathymetry), mapping inland river habitat for mussels and/or fish, development of topobathy (merging of lidar and bathymetry), and geomorphology studies.

I survey freshwater inland rivers and lakes using multi-beam and single-beam echo sounders, acoustic Doppler current profilers, sidescan sonar, and lidar. I also have experience in GIS, land cover/land use mapping, and object-based image analysis/automated image interpretation.


Research interests:

Hydroacoustic Technologies and Applications in Rivers

  • Benthic Habitat Mapping
  • Hydrographic & Topographic Surveying
  • Substrate Stability
  • Geomorphology
  • Topobathy

Geoanalytics and Data Science

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Habitat Assessments and Suitability Modeling
  • Decision Support Systems

Remote Sensing Technologies