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Jonathan W Shannon

Jonathan Shannon is a hydrologic technician at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center. Currently, Jonathon is overseeing the Willamette Valley Field Office operations as acting supervisory hydrologic technician. 

Jonathan's main role at the Oregon Water Science Center is the Hydromet Network Specialist for the Willamette River basin, and he serves as the primary liaison between the USGS and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for that project. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in 2001 he began work in the private sector as a Natural Resource Consultant managing both small and large-scale projects in hydrology, wetlands, botany, fisheries, and forestry throughout the west from Canada to California. These experiences led Jonathan to a greater understanding of the overall impact each of these ecosystems contribute to the larger dynamic of Earth's processes and our available resources.

In 2012 Jonathan decided to focus on his true passion of hydrology and began work with the USGS in Portland as a Hydrologic Technician. Since that time, he has developed a strong foundation in surface water processes of the Pacific Northwest, hydrologic monitoring equipment, data telemetry, surface water data and record analysis, decoding data, and meteorological monitoring. He has formed lasting working relationships internally as well as with personnel in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), NWS/ NOAA, USFS, and local governments. 

In 2018 Jonathan began the process of upgrading datalogging and telemetry equipment throughout the entirety of the USACE sites throughout Oregon. This involved deploying GOES/ Iridium telemetry equipment to over 121 sites across the state while ensuring all programming, transmission, and database management was accurate and complete.