Julia Ersan


Julia Ersan is passionate about contributing to applied research, particularly that which can help mitigate human-caused modification of the environment that has negative consequences for underrepresented wildlife populations. Julia finds behavioral adaption to anthropogenic alteration particularly fascinating. While at the USGS, her focal species has been the giant gartersnake (Thamnophis gigas). After learning about its basic ecology and serving as a field technician for a few years, Julia was able to develop her own project ideas and pursue a Master’s of Science while fostered at the USGS. Julia's graduate research focused on diet, prey preference and prey selection of the giant gartersnake. Currently, Julia manages USGS WERC's giant gartersnake field crew and helps work toward achieving project goals.


  • Master of Science, Biology, 2015, California State University, East Bay (Ecology and Conservation emphasis)
  • Bachelor of Science, Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, 2010, University of California, Davis (Behavioral Ecology specialization)