Julian Alex Heilman



Potential depletion of surface water in the Colorado River by groundwater pumping (2012-2013): Processed model-output cell values to create surface-water depletion zones for the Palo Verde, Parker, and Cibola areas along the Colorado River. Interpreted paper maps into spatial data sets, generated model input from the data sets, and received output from the model and derived spatial data of potential depletion zones.

Brackish Groundwater Project (2012-Present): Currently investigating national datasets for usefulness to project goals, with extensive use of MS Access databases and queries. Using Areal Overlay Statistics toolset and USGS-produced tools to produce metadata. Worked with team to produce metadata protocols, vectorizing protocols, and topology. Generating rasters for nation-wide aquifer-system to derive brackish water availability. Developed procedures for creating vertical aquifer surfaces from disparate sources, and constructing automation tools for those surfaces.

Lower Colorado River Decree Accounting Field Planning (2003–Present): Used PLSS data, and assessor documentation to create a spatial dataset delineating the number and location of wells remaining to be inventoried. Field–Team Coordinator, planning field work, equipment use/maintenance, and scheduling personnel. Continual updating of field strategy and flexible scheduling required as inventoried location information was collected (via real-time kinematic and real-time network global positioning systems – RTK and RTN GPS). Extensive field work inventorying wells lower Colorado River from Yuma, AZ to Detrital Valley and Lake Mead. Each year, trained and mentored UA students in GIS/GPS work in real-world environment. 

StreamStats Arizona GIS support (2011- 2012): Collection and manipulation of existing data in spreadsheet or hard-copy-only form into format for input into StreamStats modeling program and subsequent analyses. Updated existing datasets to improve input to StreamStats model.

Spatial Analyst and Spatial Statistics to contour water levels and plot regional-to-near stream horizontal gradients for the Sustainable Yield of Groundwater in the Sierra Vista Subwatershed (2011): Using point data (including hard-copy-only data), and wet-reach plot data to create TINS needed to divulge how water levels in the Sierra Vista subwatershed changed annually. Created subsequent plots using ArcMap and some older cross-section GIS work station techniques (STACKPROFILE) to display the data for the project chief.    

National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) to estimate accumulated runoff of the Northwest Arizona Basins for inclusion into the Basin Characterization Model (2011): Processed model-output cell values for the high-elevation USGS Basin Characteristics Model (BCM), requiring additional GIS work to include runoff. Routed and accumulated runoff using National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) streamlines, accumulated runoff values along streamline drainages, and placed the summed runoff in Basin-Fill model cells for use by principal investigator.  

Southwest Groundwater Resources (2000-2003): Developed basin-delineation products prior to availability of current WBD products. Reconciled groundwater and watershed boundaries from datasets from various agencies. Mentored UA student with GIS work and metadata creation. Created figures for USGS Fact Sheet 086-00.

NAWQA Cycle II, Central Arizona Basin -CAZB (1994-2000): Primary GIS support for project. Produced project boundary, and ancillary datasets. Primary GIS support for groundwater studies, including random well-site selection; for surface-water studies, including basin delineation; and for aquatic biology, including basin characterization. Primary GIS contact for NAWQA Synthesis Team, performing data collection and creation, including collecting appropriate georeferenced data, and developing ancillary data such as landuse/landcover, population density, basin characterization, and creating FGDC-compliant metadata. Created figures and illustrations for project reports and factsheets. Created and managed project webpage, now offline.


Collected existing spatial datasets and located additional data for Arizona, California and Nevada, for use in planning, and completing Groundwater Site Schedules. 

Completed requisite courses in field-techniques and field lab training. Performed extensive field work for all disciplines (surface-water, groundwater,water quality, and bio), including field and lab techniques.