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Justin Rae Nichols

Justin Nichols is a hydrologist at the New Mexico Water Science Center. He received his Masters and Bachelors of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico. Justin is currently working toward his PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering with a focus on Hydrology at the University of New Mexico.

Justin Nichols was born and raised in Belen, New Mexico, attending Belen High School. After graduating high school, Justin joined the US Army, where he was stationed with the 173rd Airborne in Germany and Afghanistan. In his tours of Germany and Afghanistan, Justin started to develop his appreciation for ecosystem services, green infrastructure, and water resource management; therefore, after 4-years in the Army Justin decided to pursue his passion for resilient green infrastructure and stream restoration by attending the University of New Mexico’s Civil Engineering program. In his ungraduated program Justin became acquainted with the ecohydrology research being performed within his department, which led him to graduate with his master’s in civil engineering enabling him to pursue his Ph.D. in interdisciplinary engineering with a focus on surface hydrology. Justin’s Ph.D. research focuses on the effects atmospheric forcing and wildfires have on surface water quality, and utilizing machine learning techniques coupled with high-frequency sonde data to estimate nutrient uptake rates within fluvial systems.