Katherine McCulloch


As the Associate Director for the Office of Administration (OA), Katie is responsible for interpreting the application of federal and departmental policies as they relate to USGS requirements. She is also responsible for facilities management, finance, acquisitions and grants, human capital, technology transfer and intellectual property, and health and safety at the Bureau.

Katie is a 2017 graduate of the Department’s Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program. Katie’s previous roles at the USGS include the Deputy AD for Administration starting in January 2015. Prior to joining the Office of Administration, Katie was the Integration Officer in the Office of Budget, Planning, and Integration. Katie joined the USGS in November 2010, after serving as the Budget Officer of the Office of the Secretary at the Department of the Interior. She has also worked at the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and spent a number of years in the private sector before her federal career.