Keith Kirk


Keith is a Bureau Approving Official (BAO) in the Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI) within the Office of the Director.

Keith is the USGS representative on the Subcommittee on Open Science (SOS), Committee on Science, National Science and Technology Council. He is an active participant in several Bureau committees, including various Fundamental Science Practice Advisory Committee (FSPAC) subcommittees, lead of the FSPAC Training Subcommitte, co-lead of the Scientific Data Guidance Subcommittee, co-lead of the Data Preservation Subcommittee, member FSP Survey Manual Policy Subcommittee, member Education and Outreach Subcommittee and member of USGS Community of Data Integration (CDI). Keith was the lead for developing and continues to coordinate the USGS Public Access Plan approved by the Whitehouse Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Whitehouse Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in January 2016.

Keith began his career in the Department of the Interior in 1979, has worked at the USGS since 1998 and he is currently stationed at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz. Prior to his employment with DOI he worked in the private sector as an engineering and environmental geologist.

Keith’s degrees are in Hydrogeology, Geotechnical Engineering and Geophysics.

He has published approximately 40 scientific publications throughout his career.

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