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Kirstie L Haynie, PhD

I am a developmental geophysicist working with the HazDev and NEIC teams at the Geologic Hazards Science Center at the USGS in Golden, Colorado. 

Kirstie L Haynie is currently a developmental geophysicist working on subduction zone related research and in Geoinformatics, where she is specifically focused on how to best leverage the Cloud for computationally-expensive workflows such as the USGS Slab2 subduction zone geometry model and ShakeMap. Kirstie finished her Ph.D. at the University at Buffalo, SUNY in Geodynamics. Her Ph.D. work focused on numerical modeling of subduction in south-central Alaska where she studied how flat slab and oceanic plateau subduction drive deformation in the overriding plate. Kirstie's research interests include subduction zone science, forearc slivers, great earthquakes, slab geometries, as well as numerical modeling, HPC, and cloud computing.