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Kyle R. Anderson, Ph.D.

I am a geophysicist specializing in volcanic systems. I use monitoring data to better understand and forecast volcanic processes and hazards.

I work to understand volcanic systems by developing mathematical models which relate magma physics with monitoring data such as ground deformations and eruption rates. Model predictions can be compared with real-world observations using probabilistic statistical approaches, making it possible to constrain properties of volcanic systems such as the composition and volume of stored magma. These techniques can also be used in some cases to forecast future eruptive activity. I've worked most extensively at Mount St. Helens and Kīlauea volcanoes, but I'm interested in volcanoes and eruptions around the world. 

Research Interests

  • Physics of magma systems and volcanic eruptions
  • Caldera collapse processes
  • Episodic/cyclic eruptive behavior
  • Volatiles in magma and influence on eruptive processes
  • Rates of magma supply, storage, and eruption
  • Ground deformation caused by magmatic processes
  • Volcanic hazards assessments and forecasts
  • Uncertainty quantification