Lisa V Lucas


INTEGRATES physics with biology, and mathematical models with field observations, to understand how aquatic ecosystems work

COLLABORATES with scientists of multiple disciplines to implement a whole-ecosystem “climate to the clams” approach for understanding how complex aquatic systems may respond to changes in climate, management and infrastructure over this century (CASCaDE project)

  • Applies engineering training to study how environmental fluid dynamics interacts with and drives water quality and ecological processes
  • Thinks of herself as an "Ecohydrodynamicist", but her friends call her things like "Hydro-phydamicist" (which she doesn't mind). 
  • Focus is largely on tidal systems, with some work applying generally to rivers and lakes
  • Develops and applies models across the spectrum of simple algebraic relationships on up to 3D numerical models of coupled hydrodynamics and ecological processes at ecosystem scale
  • Loved being brought up in USGS as a member of Jim Cloern's Plankton Dynamics Team
  • Graduate work at Stanford University in the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering) with Professors Jeff Koseff and Stephen Monismith  
  • Undergrad alma mater is University of Notre Dame (the one in South Bend, Indiana)--GO IRISH!
  • Situated within the USGS Water Resources Mission Area in the Integrated Modeling & Prediction Division/Earth Systems Modeling Branch