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Lisa Zieman, PhD

Lisa Zieman is a Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow with the GMEG Science Center in Spokane, WA. Lisa received a MSc from the University of Rochester in 2019 and a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Arizona in 2023. Since joining the USGS in 2023, Lisa has focused on magmatic ore deposits and Precambrian tectonic controls on critical mineral systems.

As a Mendenhall researcher with the USGS, Lisa is studying the emplacement of Precambrian mineralized layered mafic intrusions (Stillwater Complex, MT and Lake Owen Complex, WY) and Archean komatiitic greenstones in the Wyoming Province using radiogenic isotope systems (Re-Os, Sm-Nd), geochronology, and PGE geochemistry. Prior to joining the USGS, Lisa studied deep continental arc processes for her PhD, focusing on arclogite and mantle xenoliths from the North Andes. She used thermobarometry, radiogenic and stable isotopes (Re-Os, Nd, O), zircon geochronology, and basalt geochemistry to investigate rates and dynamics of lower crustal foundering. She is also interested in heavy stable isotope systematics and has worked on Zr stable isotopes.