Mark Vinson


I oversee research and administrative operations of the Lake Superior Biological Station. I have studied aquatic plants, invertebrates, and fish from caves, springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands throughout the world. I am a curious and dogged scientist and in my mind I'm an R-stats wizard with a fondness for ggplot. 


Ph.D. Utah State University. Watershed Science with an emphasis in Ecology

M.S. Idaho State University. Biology with additional emphasis in hydraulic engineering

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Water Resources & Fisheries

Previous employment

Research Assistant Professor (1999-2008) and Director National Aquatic Monitoring Center (1993-2008), Department of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University, Logan. UT. 

Hydrologist, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Boise, ID. 1988‑1992.

Fish Ecologist, Lake Tahoe Research Group, University of California‑Davis. 1988. 

Fireman, California Department of Forestry. 1978-1983.