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Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo is a Hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center with collateral duties as the Applied Hydrology and Interpretive Programs Local Data Manager and center Records Manager. 

Michael began his career as a student-trainee hydrologist in 1995 while finishing his M.S. from the University of Connecticut in Natural Resources Management and Engineering. He has worked on several water-quality projects in cooperation with local, State, and Federal partners. Topics include: statistical analysis of trends in surface-water quality in Connecticut streams, continuous water-quality monitoring and use of surrogates as predictors, assessment of nutrient loads and yields, and algal processes in freshwater systems. Additional responsibilities include: support functions for both the Applied Hydrology and Interpretive Programs managing the hydrologic data collection, storage, and dissemination as a Local Data Manager (LDM), serving as the New England WSC Records Manager, and providing field support as a boat operator.