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Michael Eackles

Michael is a Biological Science Technician at the Eastern Ecological Science Center in Kearneysville, WV.

Michael (Mike) has routinely conducted molecular research utilizing genetic and genomic techniques, established and novel, to identify biologically-appropriate units of conservation and management among imperiled and invasive species.

Throughout his long career he has developed hundreds of molecular markers for over 20 different animal and plant species. He gained an early mastery of genotyping and Sanger sequencing on capillary driven analyzers. Mike also has substantial experience with genomic library preparation and sequencing, including shotgun, amplicon and bait capture approaches.  He has generated High Throughput data sets on many different platforms ranging in output of 2 million sequence reads to 8 billion reads.  In addition to time in the lab, he is also proficient in non-invasive DNA tissue sampling of fish, assorted bivalves, amphibians, and plant species. In recent years, Mike has become increasingly involved with environmental DNA studies, including collection of water and soil samples, eDNA extraction, specific gene amplification and metabarcoding. Beyond his contributions to the genetics field, Mike has assisted with backpack electrofishing and analysis of side scan sonar imagery for sturgeon and invasive Carp. Mike has help keep the fires of higher education burning in the lives of many college interns and graduate students while providing sustained support to a program, lab and vision first begun by Dr. Tim King in 1993.