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Michael J. Moore, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader -  Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units

Dr. Moore joined the Iowa Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit as Assistant Unit Leader and Assistant Professor at Iowa State University in 2022. Prior to joining the Iowa Unit, he received his M.S. degree from Virginia Tech and PhD from the University of Missouri. Previous research examining fish and crayfish ecology from upland headwater creeks, to large interior rivers, and coastal lowland streams has expanded his interests in understanding the role of connectivity for aquatic biota and physical habitats throughout stream networks. Specific research interests include movement ecology, species reintroduction, aquatic community dynamics, invasive species management, stream habitat management, ecohydrology, climate change impacts, conservation biology of freshwater fish and crayfish, and science communication. For each of these themes his research aims to improve understanding of ecological processes to inform conservation decision making using multidisciplinary approaches. Dr. Moore seeks to foster a sense of belonging among diverse communities of students and professionals through teaching and mentoring. He teaches a graduate course in fisheries science at Iowa State University.