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Nathan Andersen

My role at the Cascades Volcano Observatory is to conduct basic research into the processes that prestage and catalyze volcanic eruptions. My work focuses on the generation, transport, and accumulation of magma in reservoirs beneath active volcanos, and how these reservoirs evolve, destabilize, and erupt.

Professional Experience

  • 2020–present     Research Geologist, USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory

  • 2018–2020     Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oregon

  • 2017–2018     Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgia Institute of Technology

Education and Certifications

  • 2017, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Geoscience

  • 2005, BA, Wesleyan University, Earth and Environmental Science

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • 2016 UW-Madison Dept. of Geoscience Baily Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship

  • 2014 NSF East Asia and Pacific Institutes Fellowship

  • 2014 UW-Madison Dept. of Geoscience SW Baily Scholarship

  • 2013 GSA Harold T. Stearns Fellowship