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Pamela M Tello

Pam is a supervisory hydrologic technician for the Colorado Water Science Center, Southeast Colorado Field Office, in Pueblo, CO.

Pam began her career as a student with the USGS in 2008.  Working in projects, she assisted with water-quality sampling and ensuring that all equipment was cleaned and ready prior to each trip.  She quickly fell in love with field work and worked as a student in the data section from 2009 through 2011.  In 2012, Pam was hired as a full-time permanent hydrologic technician. By this time, Pam had learned the basics in surface water, groundwater, and water quality.  Over the next several years, Pam’s role would gravitate towards the water quality discipline.  Pam became the lead water quality technician in 2015 and transitioned to her current role as supervisory hydrologic technician for the data section water-quality team in 2019. Pam’s favorite part of the job is observing the extremes and changes caused by water, as well as daily interaction and conversations with other water enthusiasts.