Robert E Gill, Jr.

Research interests are avian migration, population assessment, demographics, shorebird ecology and conservation, estuarine ecology.



Ph. D.   2010 - present   Groningen University, The Netherlands
M.S.     1972      San Jose State University, San Jose, CA     Biology
B.A.     1970      San Jose State College, San Jose, CA         Wildlife Management

Professional Experience

2015 - present Scientist Emeritus   USGS, Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, AK
1996 - 2015    Research Wildlife Biologist    USGS, Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, AK
1993 - 1996    Wildlife Biologist     NBS Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, AK
1987 - 1993    Wildlife Biologist     USFWS, Alaska Fish and Wildlife Research Center, Anchorage, AK
1984 - 1987    Wildlife Biologist     Denver Wildlife Research Center, Anchorage, AK
1981 - 1983    Wildlife Biologist     Seattle National Fisheries Research Center, Anchorage, AK
1976 - 1980    Wildlife Biologist     US Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, AK
1973 - 1976    Wildlife Biologist     California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento, CA

Professional Activities and/or Memberships

Alaska Shorebird Group (Founding member)
American Ornithologists' Union (Life member, Elective Member 1983, Fellow 2011)
Arctic Institute of North America (Life member)
Australasian Wader Studies Group (North American Representative, 2001-2010)
Canada Shorebird Plan (Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1998-2001)
Cooper Ornithological Society (Life member)
East Asian-Australasian Shorebird Working Group (U.S. representative, 2002-2007)
Global Flyway Network (Member, Scientific Advisory Board (2001-present)
International Wader Study Group (Life member; Executive Committee, 1999-2008; Editorial Advisory Board, 2012-present)
New Zealand Wader Study Group
Pacific Shorebird Migration Project (Co-PI, 2006-present)
Russian Working Group on Waders
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group (Founding Member; Advisory Board, 2008-present)
Western Field Ornithologists (Board of Directors, 1999-2015; Assoc. Editor, 2005-present)
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, 2004-2012)
U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan (Chair, Research and Monitoring Group, 1998-2001)

Technical Presentations

Five invited keynote, 14 invited, and >60 contributed presentations before various scientific bodies.