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Sarah Gelman

Geologist with the Central Energy Resource Science Center, specializing in basin modeling.

Sarah’s expertise lies at the intersection of numerical modeling and geology. She earned her B.S. from MIT in 2009 where her research focused on planetary geology. Her thesis investigated mantle convection models of Earth-like extrasolar planets in tidally-locked orbits. Sarah received her M.S. from the University of Washington, Seattle, focusing on the geochemical and thermal evolution of large silicic magma reservoirs in the upper crust. She then transitioned to the energy industry, working in the Upstream Research Company and Exploration Company at ExxonMobil, focusing on modeling the thermal evolution of petroleum source rocks, as well as sedimentary basin analysis, fluid characterization while drilling, and the role of naturally-occurring CO2 in hydrocarbon accumulations. Sarah is now a basin modeling specialist at the Central Energy Resources Science Center in the USGS.