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Scott J Adolphson

Scott Adolphson has been a GIS/IT Specialist with the U.S Geological Survey since 2015.  Since joining the Minnesota Water Science Center, Scott has worked on the Groundwater and Surface-Water Interactions in the northeast Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota, through 2015, and the National StreamStats Geographic Information System web application.

Currently, Scott is working on the Hydrologic Properties of Glacial Confining Units, Minnesota developing an MODFLOW model of the study areas.

Professional Experience

  • Graduate Assistant, Central Washington University, 09/2012 - 03/2015

    As GA provided aid to students in GIS computer labs, aiding students in meeting course requirements. As RA was responsible for configuring, calibrating, deploying, retrieving, downloading and processing data collected using Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) Recorders for the study of eelgrass beds in the Puget Sound region.

  • International Union of Elevator Constructors                               05/2007 - 08/2012

  • Canadian Pacific Railroad                                                            09/2005 - 05/2007

  • United States Navy                                                 12/1984 – 09/2005

Education and Certifications

  • M.S., Resource Management, Central Washington University, 2015, “Influence of Saltwater Intrusion, Climate, and Development on the Ground Water Supply of San Juan Island” Advisor: Dr. Anthony Gabriel

  • Bachelor of Science, Geography, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 2011.

  • Associate of Arts, Electronic Technology, Coastline Community College, 2004.

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