Steven Hostetler, Ph.D.




U.S. Geological Survey  Telephone: (541) 737-8928

College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences  Internet:

Oregon State University                                              

Corvallis, Oregon 97331                         


Ph.D  Geography (climate change, numerical modeling), University of Oregon, 12/87

M.S.  Mathematics (numerical analysis), University of Oregon, 8/84

B.S.  Civil Engineering (hydrology), Ohio State University, 6/73


Research Hydrologist GS-15 (full Professor equivalent), U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division since December, 1989; Project Chief of Lake-Atmosphere Interactions Project, 1992-present; Visiting Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado 1988-1995, Affiliate Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1995-1999, Courtesy Appointment, Department of Geosciences , Oregon State University, 1994-present, NSF Review Panel for Earth System History, 1997-1999; Member NCAR Scientific Computing Division Advisory Panel, 1998-2000; Member Scientific Advisory Council, USGS Global Change Research and Development Program, 2011-, Research Advisor, National Research Program, 2012- 

Graduate Student Committees

Doctoral: Eric Small (1999), University of California Santa Cruz (modeling the hydrology and climatic effects of the lowering of the Aral Sea), Adam Light (1999), University of Oregon, (automated quantification and statistical measures of spatial coherency in atmospheric fields),Heather Benway (2005), Oregon State University (salinity variations and climate in the Panama Basin),  Sam Van Laningham (2005) Oregon State University (identifying sediment provenance for western Oregon rivers, relating core data to past climate variations), Faron Anslow(2006), Oregon State University (modeling glacier mass balance and dynamics, coupling glacier models with high‑resolution climate models),  Marlos Bakker (2007), Oregon State University (International flood policy),  Jeremy Shakun (2010), Oregon State University (Speleothem dating, analysis of mulit-proxy terrestrial and marine records), Shaun Marcott, (2011) Oregon State University (cosmogenic moraine dating/glacier modeling, multi-proxy data analysis), Jay Alder (climate modeling, climate analysis, visualization), Andrea Allan (current, atmospheric circulation, regional climate modeling), Jeremy Hoffman (current, cosmogenic dating of Fennoscandian Ice sheet, climate and ice sheet modeling), Kathleen Miles (current, sensitivity of hydrologic systems to climate change and disturbance)  

Masters: Ann Morey (2001), Oregon State University (reconstructing paleo‑sea surface temperatures), Tim Perry (2007), Oregon State University (streamflow responses to clear cutting and selective cutting), Dan Bellgam (present), Oregon State University (international responses to climate-driven changes in water resources), Cody Beadlow (glacier monitoring and modeling, now pursuing PhD at Univ. of Fairbanks).