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Theresa "Marty" Liedtke

Worked at the Columbia River Research Laboratory for over 20 years on a variety of topics, but heavy emphasis on juvenile salmon passage and survival at hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River Basin.

Research Interests:

Historically my research has been focused on efforts to improve juvenile salmon passage and survival at hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River Basin.  More recently I have used telemetry to monitor the behavior and movements of adult salmonids in tributaries of the Columbia River using sensored transmitters (temperature, motion).  I am interested in the performance of fish equipped with telemetry transmitters and have conducted a variety of experiments comparing the stress response, swimming performance, buoyancy compensation, and predator avoidance ability of tagged fish to untagged fish.  Most recently I have develop a marine research program, focusing on forage fishes in Puget Sound, Washington.  My team has evaluated spawning site selection, responses to climate change, food habits, and rearing habitats.  We are currently evaluating the exposure of these fish to contaminants such as PCBs.  Additionally, we are working with Pacific lamprey in laboratory settings, evaluating rearing techniques, screening materials, and responses to dewatering.

Professional Experience

  • 1994 to Present - Research Fish Biologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Western Fisheries Research Center, Columbia River Research Laboratory, Cook, WA

Education and Certifications

  • M.S. Zoology/Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

  • B.S. Biology, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Science and Products

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