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Timothy T Bartos

Tim has been a hydrologist with the USGS in Cheyenne, Wyoming, beginning as a student in 1990. He was the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Yellowstone River Basin Groundwater Specialist from 1997 to 2007. In 2002, Tim was named the Groundwater Specialist for Wyoming, and in 2012 was assigned to be the Groundwater Specialist for Montana as well.

Tim has investigated a wide variety of local (site-specific) and regional (basin or larger) scale groundwater studies. These studies have included both the physical and chemical aspects of hydrogeology, with many integrating both aspects. Detailed characterization of groundwater systems at various scales through the utilization and integration of physical (for example, detailed geologic/lithologic/stratigraphic examination and borehole geophysics) and chemical methods (groundwater chemistry) is of particular interest to Tim.

Tim is recognized for his knowledge of Wyoming’s hydrogeology, and is a licensed Professional Geologist in the state (PG-3349).