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Timothy Wilson

I obtained a Ph.D. in aqueous and sedimentary low-temperature geochemistry from Michgan State University in 1989. My dissertation was on the geochemistry and evolution of Michigan Basin brines. I have considerable experience with groundwater and surface water geochemistry of major ion and trace metal including numerical modeling of speciation and transport, and analytic methods.

I have been with the USGS since 1994 and have been involved with projects that include bio-remediation and air-sparging of chlorinated hydrocarbons in groundwater; evaluating loads of dioxins, PCB, pesticides and other organic and inorganic compounds in the tributaries to Newark and Raritan Bays; mercury and arsenic in soils, rivers, and lakes; pesticides in human wastes and waste water treatment effluent; and most recently, nutrient and sediment fluxes in Barnegat Bay, NJ.

Professional Experience

  • 1994-Present: Hydrologist/Geochemist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Currently working on determining fluxes of sediment, dissolved, and particulate trace organic and metal contaminants to the Newark and Raritan Bays, as part of the NJ-NY Harbor Estuary Contaminant Reduction Program. Also conducted research on (1) fate and transport of organic contaminants in the environment; (2) using air-spargi

  • 1992-1994: Senior Hydrologist, RMT. Inc. Madison Wisconsin. Project manager, chemical and hydrologic consulting, and oversight on numerous groundwater remediation projects involving geochemistry, ground water modeling, statistical evaluations and risk based models for remediation.

  • 1992 Atwood Energy Company, Dover, Ohio. Geochemical consultant and expert witness for various law cases dealing with oil-brine contamination.

  • 1988-1993 - Kent State University-Assistant Professor. Courses taught: Hydrogeochemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Introductory Geology, Environmental Geology. Instructed Master and PH.D level students in thesis projects.

  • 1979 -1980: L.M. Miller and Associates, Ann Arbor Michigan. Geological Assistant, Part-time work: gathering of field data, surveying and drafting.

  • 1980-82: L.M. Miller and Associates, Ann Arbor Michigan. Geologist, Groundwater contamination investigations, ground water supply projects, geophysical investigations, drilling, pump and aquifer testing, ground water flow and contaminant modeling, and geochemical studies.

  • 1985-88: Dart Oil & Gas Co., Mason Michigan. Geochemical consultant, Groundwater and brine research associated with legal matters.

  • 1989-90: L.A. Coogan & Associates, Kent, Ohio. Geochemical consultant, involved with groundwater geochemical analysis.

  • 1990: Wayne Disposal, Inc, Wayne Michigan. Consultant on suitability of Michigan salt formations for disposing of hazardous wastes.

  • 1991: Warner/Osborne/Pardee, North Olmstead, Ohio. Consultant on investigation of trace-metal chemistry in black shales of northeastern Ohio.

Education and Certifications

  • 1989 - Ph.D., Geology/Geochemistry, Michigan State University

  • 1981-82 - University of Michigan (sponsored by employer)

  • 1980 - B.S., Geology, Michigan State University

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