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William N Batts

Bill loves to identify new fish viruses! Replicating viral agents are amplified by PCR and DNA sequenced to characterize the viruses. When novel viruses are found, he publishes manuscripts in scientific journals and presents findings at fish health conferences. Recently, Bill was an author on two chapters in the 2016 book, “Aquaculture Virology”. 

Research Interests:                                    

Research on all kinds of fish viruses. However, I am focused primarily on RNA viruses of fish. Provide technical assistance to fish health professionals whether they are from state, government, tribal, commercial or from other countries. Specialize in detection and identification methods for existing and novel viruses. I have studied a wide variety of virus types for genomic comparisons: IHNV, VHSV, and other rhabdoviruses of fish, paramyxoviruses, orthomyxoviruses, hepeviruses, nidoviruses, bunyaviruses, picornaviruses, reoviruses, birnaviruses, herpesviruses and iridoviruses. Have performed fish exposure studies to ascertain control and prevention strategies on fish viruses. Investigated various potential virus transmission modes. Overall, I'm just trying to understand how the various viruses do what they do and try to give the fish a better chance for survival.