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StreamStats Batch Processing Tool

The StreamStats Batch Processing Tool has been helping users save time by processing multiple points since 2008. 

The StreamStats Application Version 4.0 allows users to process a single point-of-interest. For users who wish to process multiple points at once, the StreamStats Batch Processing Tool is available at The Batch Processing Tool will delineate a basin, compute basin characteristics, and solve regression equations for each point submitted by the user. Users need to submit a shapefile of points to be delineated and will be prompted to select a study area and select the desired basin characteristics and flow statistics to be returned. When the batch processor has completed the job, a zipped file geodatabase of delineations and attributes will be posted to for users to download and retrieve results. Snapping desired locations to the StreamStats stream grid is important prior to submitting points to the Batch Processing Tool. These stream grids can be downloaded by state or region at

Screenshot of the StreamStats Batch Processing Tool interface