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Resource Mapping in Florida and Puerto Rico

In FY 2023, USGS received disaster supplement funds (Public Law 117-328) for modern resource surveys and analyses.

Resource mapping: tasks and benefits 2023

Helicopter towing large hoop, hovering over snowy ground with person in orange for scale
Photo of helicopter with geophysical equipment loop deployed below it using a slingload in northeastern Wisconsin. Technician is shown for scale. This is an example of the equipment that may be used in Florida and Puerto Rico resource mapping surveys.
  • Hurricanes Ian and Fiona caused extensive damage across Florida and Puerto Rico, requiring reconstruction to restore lifelines and establish resilient infrastructure. Reconstruction not only requires a reliable, affordable, and therefore proximal supply of industrial minerals (for example, gravel) but also an understanding of geologic factors that may amplify future hazards impacts.
  • Funding in Florida will be used to produce modern airborne geophysical surveys, detailed geologic maps, chemical and physical sampling and analysis of priority industrial mineral extraction sites, and industrial minerals resource assessments and phosphogypsum storage hazards assessments.
  • Although Puerto Rico’s mineral industry consists entirely of industrial mineral commodities, the rate of production has been declining, and the capacity of this industry to meet the demands of reconstruction and hardening after the 2022 hurricane impacts is uncertain and requires assessment. Funding in Puerto Rico will be used to produce modern, integrated geologic and geophysical maps, and industrial minerals resource assessments.

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